Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What it's really all about

Just as I was getting annoyed with religiousity, and muttering about the state of the world I read a letter posted on Matt Turrigiano's blog, written by his dad Mike. You can link to it by clicking on the title of the post.

It's really easy for any of us who serve in the church to forget the reason for it, it's easy for it to become a chore, or a habit, or get hung up that we don't get the recogintion or reward that we think we deserve. The truth is, it's all about Jesus, that's it. It's not about me or you, or them it's all about him. John Wimber said that we are like loose change in God's pocket, he can buy a sandwich with us if he likes.

When I meditate on this it makes a lot of my attitudes and worries seem a little pointless and daft.My prayer for this week.....Lord, let me see what's important to you, and forgive me for being such an eejit!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

*%$$%^%$ Christians!!!!

I'm just calming down after reading a "Christian" web site that I came across. I won't link to it as I don't want to get into what this guy does. I am so mad at these people who spend so much time and effort into researching what's wrong with other Christians. This particular site has a problem with:

All other versions of the Bible except the King James
Rock Music of any kind, including Christian Rock,
Men with long hair
Christian artists.
Christians who admit to enjoying a beer whilst watching a football game.

I could go on but I won't. This guy actually said that it isn't the purpose of Christian music to reach the lost. I mean....COME ON!!??!!!

Sometimes I wish Jesus had said, "...if your brother in Christ is talking absolute mince then slap him, hard on the face, until he stops and sees sense..."

I know I need to extend the grace that is extended to me, so I'll pray that this guy does something more constructive with his time. Failing that I might become a Buddhist, at least they're nice to each other! (only joking, before I get quoted on any "Christian" truth web sites)

Rant Over, please return to your normal Sunday Evening.

Time Flies

It's almost a month since I last blogged, I can't believe that went so quickly. We're going through an interesting time at the moment. There's a strange feeling in my bones of anxiety and fear mixed with peace and faith. Now I know how a pendulum feels. I guess God is really using us at the moment but we keep having skirmishes with the enemy. We went to Belfast Vineyard recently to help lead their church weekend. The week before Deb and I were both hit by a virus, pretty badly. In fact even the dog got really sick and I spent the whole of the Tuesday night looking a after a continually vomiting collie. One trip to the vets/doctors later and few days rest we were getting ok. The weekend was great, and God used us and blessed us. I guess attack goes with the territory, but it's worth fighting through.

Last night I did a gig at the Lot in Edinburgh. It's a very cool venue, great atmosphere upstairs in the live area.I sometimes have to do this. Even though I lead worship regularly I need that outlet for just being a musician in front of an audience, gettting my songs out and getting all "artistic". Liselle Winslagh came up from SW London Vineyard to play as well and she was great. Checkout her website

Now I want to get a band together again, I've got the gigging bug back. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I'm naturally lazy so last night was good in that it gave me the spur to go do it after the positive comments I recieved.