Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Today is the 700th anniversary of the death of "Braveheart" William Wallace. You'll probably know the story so I won't go into it. One of the great things about living where I do is that it all happened just a few miles from here. There is a spiritual aspect to this as well. Deb and I really feel called to this area, and something i have felt really strongly about is that the Lord wants to establish a community of worship here. We've been here 4 years now, getting ready, although we thought we were ready when we first moved we soon discovered God's timing. Also when i first felt "the call", he told me to be useful first. I hope that's what we are doing in Edinburgh at the moment. As i mentioned in earlier posts I really feel the Lord moving with increased intensity and theirs something rising up within me. I spent yesterday afternoon up at Bannockburn and then Stirling, just walking and driving and seeking the Lord. There is a pic of a sign that really spoke to me at the start of the blog. Also it's interesting, Stirling's city motto is "Key to the Kingdom"......

Sunday, August 21, 2005

What a weekend

What a great weekend. Serious stuff first. I had felt that the Lord was going to do something this week in the worship. Recently I had ordered that old classic, "Even, So Come". This was the album that taught me so much when I first started out leading worship, in fact I got a lot of my style of acoustic guitar playing by mimicking what I heard Kevin Prosch do. Anywhoo, I had felt the Lord say to do the song "So Come" at church. I hadn't really heard it (before my new CD arrived) since the mid 90s, but as soon as I played the CD something hit me. Fast forward to this week. I played the song this morning and the presence of God was so thick I had trouble standing, never mind playing. Some people in the congregation were on their knees, some didn't know what to do, some were lifting their hands. Also previously to this, a bunch of the leaders went around praying and consecrating the school where we meet, there had been a definite sense of something stirring. David Hart at the end of the worship, had people up to prophesy, we had communion, the sermon was cut and the whole church ministered at the front to 6 or 7 people that the Lord had raised up in the meeting. All comfort zones and routine were discarded this morning and I felt the Lord commissioning the church to war, it'll be interesting to see what's down the road.

Now I don't think that particular song "ushered" in this move of God, but it was certainly a declaration.

© copyright Kevin Prosch, Tom Davis
You have taken the precious
From the worthless and given us
Beauty for ashes, love for hate
You have chosen the weak things of the world
To shame that which is strong, and the foolish things
To shame the wise
You are help to the helpless
Strength to the stranger
And a father to the child who's left alone
And the thirsty you've invited
To come to the water
And those who have no money come and buy

So come, So come
So come, So come

Oh, the days are coming
For the Lord has promise
When the plowman will over take the reaper
And their hearts will be the threshing floor
And the move of God we've cried out for, will come
You will shake the heavens, and fill your house will glory
Turn the shame of the outcast into praise
All creation groans and waits
For the Spirit and the Bride to say
The words your heart has longed to hear

So come, So come
So come, So come

On a more trivial note, after trying out various guitars for hours trying to find a meaty back up to my Strat (I've gone through loads of guitars in the past year trying to find ones "that really fit"), I got a used Gibson Les Paul Special DC. Apparently used to be owned by a German pop star?? Anyway, what a great guitar, raw, worn in, bashed about ....mmm!

There's a pic of the model and colour I have at the start of the blog.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Where'd the world go?

So much has happened in the world since I last posted, but I really don't want to get into all that heavy socio political stuff just now. I guess I've learned this month that it all comes down to serving and worshipping God, that has to come first in everything we do. Anyway, good stuff that's happened since my last post.

1. Great time on the island of Gozo (even got stung by a Jellyfish so that I have a story to bore people with)

2. Felt God tell me to stop relying on my wits, ability, etc (ie, blagging my way through things) and get some honest hard work and practice done with my music, now that's really started to pay off and I've had to repent of laziness often!

3. Both Deb and I feel it's time to move house, but we need a hugely increased income and a couple of miracles, but hey that'll glorify God more.

4. Decided to put a covers band together to play weddings and such, first Jam / rehaersal was tonight in a local studio. Really great to hear my Strat cranked through a cooking valve amp playing "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "Teenage Kicks".

4.(b) Also tonight was reminded of what my voice can do. When you lead worship with a congregation you have to sing in a way that people can follow. It was nice tonight to let loose, although my throat's sore now as some of those high notes......man!

5. Things are far from perfect right now, but I can feel God around every corner, something's stirring.

6. I have songs on the iTunes Music Store, do a search for my name and check it out.

My prayer this week, "Yes Lord......NEXT!"