Monday, April 25, 2005

Wise words

"Jesus didn't come to establish a new religion....He came to initiate a relationship...."

One of those quotes that I wish I had thought of.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Just do something!

My bee in the bonnet for this month, "Just do something". This was from the recent preaching conference in Nottingham. David Parker had quizzed God about which method or programme to follow, and he felt the Lord just cut through with this simple phrase.

In fact the conference felt more like a call to arms, and having talked to people from different areas of the Vineyard movement, I think God did a powerful thing that weekend. I was well and truly dealt with on the Friday night. It was one of those situations where you say to God, "Ok, if this is you, then let someone say this exact phrase...", later that evening, someone I hadn't really spoken to for more than ten minutes in the past few years, said that very thing whilst praying for me. Earlier in the day I'd prayed about a fundamental issue in my life which I wanted to the Lord to acknowledge and deal with (an identity issue rather than a sin issue before your imagination starts running away with you!). Only my wife would have any knowledge of it, it was that deep. So, guess what, Ginny Cryer from Winchester Vineyard walks right up in the middle of me being prayed for and addresses the issue, giving me the Lord's answer in a direct accurate way.

I just broke after that and I've felt different since. Not suddenly perfect and sorted but further down the road than before, in fact I feel like Jesus drove past me hiking along the road, picked me up and drove me to the next town. Now I need to go "do something"