Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Born Under a Bad Sign??

I'm not a believer in luck, being a Christian. But I did wonder today. And the title comes from a very cool old Albert King song. So far this month:

Handed over the worship to focus on planting a satelitte church...then all the doors slammed on that, so now we don't know where to go or what to do and I'm not leading worship just now.
Debbie chipped her front tooth and needed to get it refilled
The shower broke
Car failed it's MOT ( annual legal road test) and needed major, expensive, work done
Lost my keys

..and just so far today.

Settled down for a Boxing Day glass of red wine with my wife this afternoon. Didn't get to taste it as I knocked it all over my khaki trousers and our new rug. Grumpily I went upstairs to change, telling myself that this wasn't going to get me down and we'd start afresh with a positive outlook. On the the way back down the stairs my foot connected with a dog toy, I flew into the air, dropped most of the way downstairs before landing on my butt, smacking my wrists on the stairs. Then, I slid down on my side and arrived at the bottom........nothing broken but very sore. Two hours later I'm in the kitchen making enchiladas. I walk through to the living room and as I set them down, the hot dish starts to slide off the board I'm carrying it on. In a flash I grab the dish to stop it hitting the floor and remember it's been in the oven and contains molten cheese. Needless to say I burn my fingers as I capture dinner.

We're driving to Merseyside tomorrow and Southend on Thursday. We'll need all the prayers you got, can't afford anymore accidents or mishaps......

Had a great Christmas day though... :D

Friday, December 15, 2006

Things I have learned

Never forget where you came from,
Never forget who you are
Never forget Who made you.
Never forget what shaped you,

Never compromise on your heart,
Never compromise to fear
Never compromise on the Promises...

Just a few thoughts...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

On a lighter note

Friday, December 08, 2006

Of Mice and Men

Well, we had some big plans and a big vision. We started a couple of fires which have continued to burn. We've taken a tentative step or two and set the pioneering balll rolling. But, alas, the doors for us have slammed firmly shut. Things aren't as we thought they would be, yet to be honest I saw it coming. What we were dreaming of was not, it seems, what others had in their plans, and after all we'd been through since we came here I couldn't compromise on what was in my heart and not be true to who God made me.....so we laid it down for the greater good.

After 5 years of fighting darkness, struggling with life, dreaming and more recently flag planting, a season of our lives closes and a new one begins. We stand with our leaders, but agreed to disagree on what we were to do and how to do it. That said, we trust their judgement and wisdom, and are grateful that we were allowed to pour out what was in our hearts and say some difficult things to each other in a spirit of love and mutual respect.

Change is never easy, but I'm used to it, although now I have a family to think of. Please get your praying heads on and get in touch if you know us and have something for us. Strange feeling being in limbo, but the world is our oyster.........anyone need a worship leader ?......, also willing to make tea, carry gear and put chairs out. ;)