Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Feast or Famine

I haven't written a decent worship song in years, then 3 come along in one morning. Maybe it has something to do with the changes happening in me at the moment. I physically couldn't do anything but spend some devotional time this morning, usually there are a million distractions and excuses, but today I was like a starving man at a buffet. It's almost like I've been sat under the table moaning that therre is no food and the Lord has poked His head under the tablecloth and pulled me out..... Can't wait to see how the next few months will pan out, I have a feeling that the phrase "comfort zone" will become irrelevant.

If the songs are still any good after lunch (I get quite carried away at times like this so I'll reserve judgement till later) I'll keep working on them and get some acoustic versions recorded. Actually typically my USB audio thingy was lent to church on Sunday so I have no way of recording today...well if the songs are still memorable when I get it back then that'll be the test.

New Pic

Here are a couple of pics I've just had through from the recent gig I did in Essex in May. Also the CD (see prev post) is now available at

I went to the Vineyard worship leader's retreat this weekend in Devon, still processing tons of stuff, I seem to get absolutely hammered, battered, challenged and "growed up" more, everything I go to at the moment.

Whilst I try to work out how to articulate it all here are some quick lessons for all worship leaders I learned this weekend.

1. Don't wait 2 years to change the battery on your number 1 guitar, then forget to carry spares!!!!

2. Never allow anybody to dance where the p.a. should be and shift your foldback around so you have to do a quick re-set up just before you play, when your're already stressed because of number 1 ;)

3. There's no point interpreting the faces of the worshippers to convince yourself that they're not actually engaging on a personal level with God but thinking how crap You are. Because after all the world revolves around you ;)

4. Don't get stressed out about any of the previous things because it's all about Jesus anyway!!

I love it when God gives me a playful slap and snaps me out of the muppetry of my ego.

More later!