Monday, July 31, 2006

Headin' for the Streets

This Tuesday and Wednesday we have a team fom Duluth Vineyard in Minnesota coming over to help do some Servant Evangelism in Falkirk. My criteria for this is that anything we do has to be useful and a blessing rather than just a "marketing giveaway". I'm looking forward to it, butwith lots of trepidation. It'll be a chance to bless our community, but I'm far more comfortable being out in public with a guitar in my hand rather than in conversation. Well, it'll stretch us and hopefully extend the kingdom in the lives of broken people. What a priveledge that is. Please pray, I'm expecting great things, I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oh God

The pictures that I see of the destruction of Lebanon just wrench my heart in two. This exteme use of force against civilian targets by the IDF is in-excusable, however I also blame the lebanese government for supporting Hezbollah when they had 6 years, and a UN mandate to disarm them, and by association declaring war on Israel. Interestingly on the Lebanese Army web site it calls hezbollah the, "Lebanese Resistance". A recent poll suggests that over 80% of Lebanese support Hezbollah against Israel, which is actually understandable as their country is being torn apart and their government does nothing to either prevent it in the first place or stop it, except blame the US and UK. Hezbollah are an extremist organisation. Although they also run clinics and schools etc, they are responsible for firing hundreds of rockets, indiscriminantly at Israeli towns, killing Arabs as well as Jews. Do a search on Hezbollah, its scary reading. Distrubingly in some of the blogs I've read and news reposrts I seen, very few are condemming Hezbollah or the Lebanese government (which contains Hezbollah members in the cabinet). The Israelis need to be stopped, before anymore innocents die but so do the terrorists and the attacks on Israel. This is what happens when governments tolerate terrorist groups on their soil. Someone said that evil always arises when good men do nothing.

I don't have any clue as to what can be done, but massive destruction of Lebanon isn't the answer.

I found this picture on Wikipedia, ring any bells?

These are Hezbollah recruits being sworn in.

Here are two viewpoints form a neutral nation in this conflict, Malta.