Friday, March 23, 2007

Colchester Visit

We are down visiting Colchester this weekend, to start having a look for somewhere to live and get to meet some people. Last night we had the two housegroups combined so that we could introduce ourselves and get to know everyone. Great bunch (I have to say that as I know a few of them read this ;) ). No seriously, they are a great bunch and Deb and I are very excited at this new chapter. We were able to have proper look around Colchester too which gave us a really good feel for the town. Still lots to do and some things need to happen in order for the move to happen, so those of you that pray, please continue too.

Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Movin' Fast

Well, we put the house on the market last Monday, had a viewing the following Wednesday, an offer on the Thursday and now the legal bit is just about done. So assuming that everything gets signed and sealed then we are due to move to Colchester at the end of April. It's happening rather sooner and smoother than we thought but, no point in delaying. All we need now are a new house to rent and a job each... But hey, we've done this before, nothing like a new adventure!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Like Change in His Pocket

As I was out this afternoon I felt the Lord remind me of something that John Wimber said a while ago. He said that we as workers in the Kingdom were pretty much like change in God's pocket. He could spend us on whatever He liked. Then it struck me that God can easily use us for a while in one context, then in a flash pull us out of that at a moments notice and "spend" us somewhere else. If you look at life and ministry like that, it makes a lot of sense, and actuallly gives you more security. Exciting stuff this ministry business!